Prediction of 5 popular products

1.Baby glass bottle

Don’t ask me why this is it? It has a good-looking appearance. The silicone coat can be used and used as a baby’s toy. It is very cost-effective.


2.Mini washing machine

Ultrasonic turbine driven, compact and convenient, can wash underwear and socks, free your hands, safe and clean, and protect your health.


3.Multifunctional foot washing pad

Do you still need to bend down and wash your feet? With it, you can wash your feet and massage at the same time.


4.Adjustable temperature milk bottle cover

Are you worried about waking up in the middle of the night to feed? Are you worried that the temperature of milk powder is too hot? With it, it can be solved. It’s a real night feeding artifact.


5.Trendy sandals

Rich colors, first-class design concept and comfortable foot feeling. You must have a pair of these sandals this summer.



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