Tiktok store lowers the threshold and is ready to launch into the U.S. market


The specific open information is as follows:


1.Reduce the entry threshold and cancel the requirements for DSR score, sales and other hard indicators of platform stores:


Before, many sellers had no stores, or their DSR was lower than 4.5, so they could not provide store screenshots of the corresponding platform according to the policy. At present, the official has not made mandatory requirements, or even verified the information of e-commerce platform.


2.No invitation code is required:


Now the e-commerce settled in TikTok no longer needs to fill in the invitation code. After the self-service application is submitted, the store opening notice will be received soon.


3.Precious jewelry category:


Self service application is not supported. Special official approval is required in advance. Self service application can be applied for other categories


4.Tiktok account requirements:


The account holder is over 18 years old, has released 5 short videos and has received more than 100 likes in total


At present, the relaxation of the policy is mainly for TikTok UK stores, and small stores in other regions and markets are expected to open one after another. It is said that TikTok plans to open small stores in more than 20 countries in Southeast Asia and Europe this year, and will open a new Asian market in the first quarter.


Tiktok will support the US market


Recently, TikTok launched Apollo program to promote its e-commerce live broadcasting business in the United States.


Since it was noticed by e-commerce practitioners in 2019, TikTok has long become the next new battlefield in the short video and live broadcasting industry. In constant trial and error and exploration, short video cases at the head of the platform emerged, and the news of stabilization came from the live broadcast of e-commerce in the UK.



TikTok began to promote live broadcasting in the United States. The news about TikTok appeared again in the industry circle of friends of the new studio, and the person who released this news was a MCN person in charge of TikTok business since 2019, and TikTok in his mouth began to promote live broadcasting in the United States, which actually refers to the incentive policy released by TikTokshopping for cross-border TSP in the United States – Apollo program.


According to the plan, during the period from February 14, 2022 to February 27, 2022 (UTC + 0), the agent operation account settled in the TSP background will participate in the list. The platform will give the top five accounts a cash reward of up to $10000 and a minimum of $1000 according to the ranking of UV clicks of goods during the list.


This undoubtedly releases us a good news that the American tiktok market is about to fully open. For tiktok players, it may usher in a new growth opportunity.


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