How to get the first order in 30 days


For entrepreneurs, getting the first order is undoubtedly a significant milestone.


However, it will take a lot of time and energy to achieve this milestone. There are hundreds of channels and methods to promote the brand. It is not easy to accurately find out the brand suitable for you and the ways that can bring obvious results.


You can’t just focus on constantly adjusting the details of the store and ignore the most important link of “attracting passenger flow”. Try this challenge! If your store is already online, you can consider focusing on obtaining accurate traffic that can promote sales in the next 30 days.


To achieve growth, the brand should be promoted.


Why is accurate traffic critical for new stores? As a new store owner, when you are still building a store, you may think you can improve a lot, such as brand color, font and other details.


But real improvements are only possible when you open your store to the world. If you don’t have some real numbers to set a benchmark for yourself, it’s difficult for you to clearly know where you need to improve, which is why traffic is so important. If you don’t drive traffic, you don’t know if anyone is interested in your product, and you don’t know whether your brand is enough to attract the attention of the target audience.


This is why I want to launch the following challenge: no matter what stage of brand development you are in, please first focus on driving the accurate traffic of the store in the next 30 days.


In order to help you strengthen the promotion, I integrate a series of practical e-commerce marketing skills into a list, and also summarize some resources suitable for novices. I believe it can not only help you improve the promotion efficiency, but also teach you how to correctly implement these skills. We will start with some free and simple traffic resources. Then we will turn to precision marketing that requires more time and money.


Before you start, you need to know some basic things. If a skill doesn’t apply to your store and the products you sell, you can ignore it. For example, if you sell computer keyboards, Pinterest may not be your preferred channel.


You need to set up Google Analytics in advance and pay close attention to traffic dynamics when performing each marketing skill. Not all skills are necessarily effective for you. In short, you need to be ready to study hard and iterate quickly in the next 30 days to get the first order.


How do you do it?


You can explore some free traffic sources first, which usually requires you to manually share the store with your network and related online communities.

Because these traffic sources are relatively easy to create, and each shopkeeper can create them by himself, it will be more practical to start here first. When dealing with free traffic sources, you need to keep the following tips in mind:


First: consider offering discount codes to attract users to your website.


Second: any action you take on the Internet is likely to get traffic for your store.

Add the store’s URL to your online profile, such as twitter profile or your Disqus home page.


Third: don’t send spam messages to your audience repeatedly.

Instead, you need to find ways to provide value and build a sincere relationship.


In addition, you also need to understand that many entrepreneurs’ first pot of gold comes from their own personal networks, which is normal.

You need to share your store on your Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, instagram and snapchat personal accounts to let everyone who knows you know.


You also need to consider sending emails directly to your most familiar friends or family members to share and promote the information on the launch of the store, and ask them to help forward and share, because they don’t necessarily have to buy to show support.


Although the effect achieved in this way may not be as ideal as gaining the trust of unfamiliar customers, it can provide you with some early feedback. You are frustrated that you have failed to obtain the above sales orders, but you are still the most frustrated source in the whole list.


Of course, you also need to work hard to join some online communities.


Don’t underestimate the potential benefits of sharing your website in the right places. You can consider publishing content in forums like reddit, joining Facebook groups, and finding niche communities in your industry community. It can provide a great opportunity for you to meet people who join these communities because of a specific interest. Before that, you can do some interest research related to your brand business.


Join the groups that target customers often visit and maintain positive interaction, and establish connections with other members of the community. After you gain credibility and build some real relationship foundation, you can share your store link and perhaps provide a discount code.


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