Shopify push tool linkpop can realize closed-loop transaction on social media platform


Shopify, an e-commerce giant, plans to release a new personal ecological link tool called linkpop, which will make a significant contribution to the online sales of social media celebrities.

Like other eco link services, linkpop allows users to promote multiple links on a single page. Linkpop users can promote selected Shopify products. Visitors can buy them directly without leaving the ecological link page. In the process, they don’t need to click a separate link and go to Amazon or other e-commerce websites.

Whether you are a Shopify merchant or not, the tool can be used for free. However, shoppable links only apply to the Shopify platform.

Over the years, eco link tools have become an important part of American social media business. Businesses of all sizes – From YouTube celebrities with clothing collections to DTC brands – rely on Eco link tools to promote multiple links to people who view any of their social media pages.

As social media applications such as tiktok promote the upsurge of online consumption, e-commerce platforms such as Shopify also begin to tap the business opportunities brought by the field of ecological links – even if social media websites want to create more own e-commerce channels.

“Linkpop allows businesses to store all brand building touchpoints in one place and sell them directly from their eco link pages, which allows them to turn fans into buyers and brand advocates. It looks easier than ever.”

Amir kabbara, product director of Shopify, wrote in an email to modern retail.
“The creation of linkpop takes into account business factors, which means that businesses and creators can use linkpop to launch social stores on the platforms they have used.

In essence, ecological link space initially existed as a solution. Instagram still does not allow users to add direct jump links to their posts. With instagram becoming more and more popular – with more than 2 billion monthly live users – social media popularity, people still hope to guide users to multiple social media and e-commerce websites related to themselves.

At present, eco link space is a favorite tool of American social media celebrities, which can help them realize social media traffic. Linktree is a popular website among these websites. It was founded in 2016 and now has more than 12 million users. The company now includes mainstream celebrities such as Katy Perry and Selena Gomez among its many users.

Over the past few years, people have paid more and more attention to companies that develop content for people and develop tools to attract fans (often referred to as creators or influential people). The increasing valuation of the company is reflected in the increasing economic growth of the field. For example, after its launch in 2014, patreon achieved a valuation of $4 billion last year. Similarly, traditional B2B companies – such as Shopify – have begun to release platform tools directly for creators.


This is because applications like tiktok and instagram play a greater role in selection and help enterprises drive sales growth. In turn, business companies realize that they need to cater to these changing consumption patterns. For example, the term “creator” was recently thrown out in more


Shopify earnings conference calls. Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify, said in the company’s fourth quarter earnings conference call in February that the growth of online sales in the past two years and other factors mean “more cash opportunities for makers, creators, social media bloggers and curators”.


Shopify has more than one million businesses, which enables it to launch new business tools, such as eco link function. However, Shopify and other eco link companies are facing increasingly fierce competition from the social media platform itself.


All social platforms have major initiatives, and all are striving to become commercial platforms. Instagram launched an in app checkout function called instagram checkout in 2019, and tiktok also launched an in app shopping function in August. However, it is worth noting that tiktok and Shopify, for example, are among the solution providers promoting the in app shopping experience.


Therefore, as more and more social media applications invest in business, eco link tools “may not be a long-term solution”. In the face of this survival threat, eco link companies are trying to add unique features to each other, so that users want to stick to them, even if they are increasingly attracted to use instagram or tiktok’s business tools. For example, link in bio company koji added some tools last year to help users build a basic online store, while linktree is seeking to add more integration functions to various commercial companies. Last summer, it announced a partnership with customized T-shirt manufacturer spring. This newly launched Shopify tool will make the development of these start-ups more competitive.


Kabbara declined to disclose what new features Shopify will add to linkpop in the future, but the company regards the tool as “the business infrastructure of all creators”.


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