Company Name: SHOMARA LTD

Address: 20 Gialtas, Agios Nikolaos, PC3100, Limassol, Cyprus

Whatsapp Number:+447856493608


Will I receive the same product that I see in the picture?

Please double-check the product description and specifications when placing an order to ensure that you receive the exact product you expect. Note, however, that the color, texture, or size may vary slightly due to differences in lighting, camera settings, and monitor display.

If you have any questions about the product, it is best to contact customer service directly for more detailed information.

Where can I view my sales receipt?

Typically, your sales receipt should have been emailed to you after your purchase was completed. You may want to check your email inbox, as well as your spam or junk folders, to see if the receipt was sent there.

How can I return an item?

If you need to return a product, please first read the return policy on the website, order confirmation email, or the packing list included with the product. This policy typically outlines the return process, including the timeframe for accepting returns, the conditions that items must meet, and any other requirements or restrictions.
If the item meets the return criteria, please follow the return process in the return policy, fill out the return form, contact customer service to initiate a return, or print a prepaid shipping label to return the item. Please carefully follow the provided instructions to ensure a smooth and successful return process.
If you have any questions or concerns about the return process, please contact the seller or retailer's customer service team for assistance.

Will you restock items indicated as “out of stock?”

If you are interested in products that are currently out of stock, you can contact our customer service team to inquire about our replenishment schedule or policies.
Products that are popular or in high demand may be sold out quickly, and we will restock as soon as possible. If you can't find the product you're looking for, you can consider looking back regularly or looking for similar products that are currently in stock.

Where can I ship my order?

When shopping online, you provide the correct delivery address during the checkout process. This is the address you want the seller or retailer to ship your order to.
We will provide a range of transportation options to choose from, such as standard shipping or express delivery, and usually provide an estimated delivery date or time frame based on your shipping address and chosen shipping method.
When entering your mailing address, be sure to carefully check all information for accuracy and completeness, including your name, street address, city, state or province, postal code, and country/region. If any information is lost or incorrect, it may delay the delivery of your order or result in the order being shipped to the wrong address.
If you need to update or change the shipping address after placing an order, you should contact the seller or retailer's customer service team as soon as possible to make necessary changes.