Tiktok explodes this kind of products again!


Fashion and hairstyle are always the most popular topics and trends on TikTok.


Last year, an upsurge of non hot curly hair products swept overseas and became a popular product overnight. At that time, a Tiktoker @ kayli Boyle posted a live video in the popular label #heatlesscurls, mainly to experience a heat free curly hair product.

As a result, facts have proved that this method of use is simple. Just bring a curler, and then have a good sleep. You can have a beautiful big wave product the next day, which is always full of fatal attraction for lazy people.


The video has soared overnight and has been played hundreds of millions of times, setting off the discussion of “healthy curly hair” on TikTok.

The heat of last year’s hot “no heat curling stick” has not subsided. On January 19 this year, a product called “no heat spiral curler” was successfully brought to fire by a popular wave curler video of tiktok blogger @ laurenwolfe.



By the end of February, the video had played 42.5 million, received 1.9 million likes, commented nearly 5000 and shared more than 11000.



It is understood that this video is a video of @ laurenwolfe guiding his Amazon store. By querying the Amazon store, we know that the price of the product in the store is $21.99, and there are 3155 user comments at present.



On the 21st, another beauty makeup tiktoker @sarasaadia also released a trial video.


At first, Sara had little confidence in this heat free curly hair product: “I think it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever bought in my life, but you all know me and I want to try everything.”


After some tossing and turning, Sara decides to fix them for a few hours and take them off before going to bed. From the final effect, not only Sara is very satisfied, but also the fans feel very OK, and the comment area has a huge response.

From Google’s trend data, we can see that since November last year, the search volume of Google’s keyword “heatless hair curler” began to show an upward trend, and around January this year, it ushered in two peak search bands one after another, which shows its high popularity.


According to the relevant traffic data query, on Amazon, the keyword of “heatless hair curler” has been rising in recent months. The number of searches of the first keyword group on Amazon is 117650, of which the daily average is 3922.


It can be seen that driven by tiktok, the future trend of heat free curler may not be too bad.


Of course, as a product that can maintain a high popularity on social media platforms such as TikTok and will explode almost every other period of time, the traffic trend has been maintained well.The new heat free curler has the advantage of low price and no harm to hair. It is very popular with consumers and has a certain growth space. Therefore, if you want to be a seller, you can lean closer to this side when selecting products.


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