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After Amazon’s store closure last year, more and more cross-border sellers began to focus on independent stations, where sellers have the highest authority of the store and accurate control of traffic.

As a common website building tool, Shopify has a wide range of plug-ins with complete functions. Of course, no matter how good the plug-ins are, they cannot be installed too much. Once there are too many plug-ins, it will certainly delay the loading speed of the store page, which will affect the shopping experience of consumers and have a serious impact on the growth of our store. Therefore, choosing a good plug-in can greatly increase the store conversion rate and re purchase rate, so as to quickly improve the brand influence and accumulate the store reputation.

However, it is really difficult for us to choose the right one from so many plug-ins.


First of all, we must be clear that Shopify plug-ins are mainly divided into seven categories: store design, product channel, logistics channel, marketing, customer maintenance, inventory management and sales function. Under different types, various plug-ins are also subdivided according to specific functions. Many plug-ins are charged and must be selected carefully.


Next, I will recommend several plug-ins based on my personal practical experience

1、 Store design

Salespop – this social proof sales notification app can quickly provide consumers with relevant product suggestions, help them find these things in the product page, and provide merchants with better choices to improve conversion rate.

Charge: $4.90/month. 14 day free trial.

2、 Product channel

Oberlo – this app allows you to grab your goods, customize the details, and then put them in your online store for sale.

3、Logistics channel

Shipstation – it can provide purchase and transportation experience for each order sent, and simplify customers’ workload from order to waybill.

Charge: $9 / month. 30 day free trial. Additional fees may be charged.

4、 Marketing

Ominsend – use targeted and personalized information to improve your conversion rate through email, SMS, push and synchronization with the audience using Facebook and Google Advertising. Free.

5、 Customer maintenance

Facebook Messenger – real time communication, allowing customers to chat, receive notifications and read new things from their computer desktop.Free.


Stocky is an inventory management plug-in. Its main functions include: advance order purchase, demand forecast, receipt, inventory transfer, inventory counting and adjustment, report analysis, etc. Free installation and use.Free

7、 Sales function

Freeshipiingba – a shopping cart marketing tool. It usually appears at the top of the website to remind customers of the conditions of mailing. It can also be dynamically positioned.

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