Global online sales were generally weak in February


60000 Amazon sellers with sales of more than $1 million

In 2021, 60000 sellers sold more than $1 million in the Amazon market. The number of sellers with higher sales revenue is growing faster than those with $100000. In 2018, the sales of 200000 sellers exceeded $100000, 24000 sellers exceeded $1 million, and 890 sellers exceeded $10 million. Millions of sellers around the world sell on Amazon, but less than a few percent of sales reach $1 million.

Global online sales were generally weak in February

According to the latest February shopping data released by the authority Salesforce, due to the decline of purchasing power caused by inflation, consumers’ online purchase orders and amount decreased year-on-year, and the global online sales revenue decreased by 5% year-on-year.

Us Sellers recapture Amazon’s market share

For more than a year, the market share of American sellers on Amazon has been increasing, reversing the trend of losing mainly to Chinese sellers for many years. 55% of Amazon’s top third-party sellers in the US market are domestic enterprises, a significant increase from the record low of 48% in November 2020. Blockade, supply chain problems, seller suspension and Amazon FBA inventory restrictions are some of the reasons. The number of new sellers registered from China has also decreased, and they have only recently accounted for 75% of all new sellers.

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