How long can Shopify collect money

There is no cycle for Shopify platform collection, because after Shopify sellers set up a website, the platform has less collection and operation control. Shopify will not deposit the seller’s payment, that is, after the buyer confirms the receipt, the payment of the order will be immediately transferred to your collection account.

However, some credit card companies will make a deposit on the seller’s payment, generally 10% – 30%; This part of the amount of the deposit will take 90-180 days to lend to your collection account. Therefore, if you choose to collect by credit card, you should also inquire whether this situation exists.Therefore, the collection cycle of Shopify platform is mainly determined by the collection method you choose.

For example, when PayPal collects money, the payment will be immediately sent to your collection account, and then you can withdraw it. Under normal circumstances, it can be sent to your bank card account in 1-3 days. For small withdrawals, it may also arrive in seconds; For third-party credit cards, the collection and withdrawal time is relatively longer, which shall be subject to the withdrawal and arrival time of the credit card company.

Generally, the cycle of credit card revolving deposit is 180 days. For example, asiabill can take 120 days. We all need to know the specific situation. It is suggested that we can determine the collection method according to our own needs, consult and understand the specific settlement and withdrawal arrival time, and then look at the withdrawal handling rate.

The collection cycle of Shopify platform is not determined by the platform. It depends on the collection method you choose and the specific time of the collection service provider, so we must understand it clearly, so as not to make the payment arrival time longer and affect the capital return because we don’t know their collection withdrawal rules.

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