Analysis and interpretation of tiktok’s latest market report in 2022

1.The vertical category of clothing accessories is one of the more popular products of TikTok

TikTok is one of the tracks of Internet marketing. Creators and users share fashion dressing skills and tips. People use this platform to show all kinds of novel clothes. The fashion trend on TikTok combines the interest types of many users. Sustainability and DIY are the main interest points of TikTok fashion lovers. They transform and reuse old clothes and design their own styles.

TikTok expects that clothing will become the “sales champion” in the peak sales season this year. In addition to fashion, T-Shirts, home clothes and other clothing categories, the epidemic has improved people’s awareness of health management, and sports clothing will also become the focus of consumers. This is the product with natural flow advantage in popular categories.

2.Beauty and skin care products continue to be popular

With the rise of beauty economy, beauty care products are gradually upgrading to “necessities”, and the global beauty and personal care market is growing. In 2020, the global beauty and personal care market was worth more than $483 billion. According to the estimation of the global consumer market outlook, the revenue of the global beauty and personal care market will increase again in the next few years and will generate more than $615 billion by 2025.

TikTok has become a new position in the marketing of beauty and personal care brands. It is no accident that the effects of both products and real people can be displayed in the form of TikTok short video! Due to the most intuitive display, the number of monthly active users and online hours of users of TikTok have been increasing in the past year. In addition, beauty vertical videos are booming on the platform, with video viewing increasing by 120% over last year.

3.Travel, explore the “new world” around you

Tiktok has spawned a new generation of local tour guides who are passionate about their city and local culture. Travel masters who can romanticize the highlights of their country and enthusiastic locals. Their love for the city is immeasurable, and their love for their hometown presents the best form through the happy and real content on TikTok.

Among them, sports goods have always been a big business, and in this market, marketing determines everything. Nowadays, major brands all over the world have settled in TikTok, and the playing methods of the platform are constantly upgrading. Celebrity marketing, challenge competition and pattern material stickers are all the necessary promotion methods for brands. In the past year, the number of videos produced by TikTok in the vertical field of tourism has increased by 160% year-on-year, indicating that the tourism community of the platform can fully meet the needs of users. The popularity of tourism driven sports and peripheral products is also increasing!

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