How to locate the audience?

What is the audience?

Audiences are divided into three categories: core audience, custom audience and similar audience. We will explain them in detail.

1.Core audience

The core audience refers to the people selected according to the age, interest, demographic data and other conditions of the user portrait of your product. It mainly starts from five parts: region, behavior habits, interests, population data and relationship network.

Region: advertise in the region and community where you want to do business

Behavior habits: locate the advertising audience according to the user’s behavior, such as previous shopping and device usage

Interest: setting the target audience for advertising according to users’ interests and hobbies can improve the accuracy and relevance of advertising.

Demographic data: select the audience according to age, gender, occupation and other conditions

Demographic data: select the audience according to age, gender, occupation and other conditions

Networking: connect or exclude those natural marketing fans who focus on you to find new audiences

2.Customize the audience

Custom audience is mainly to help us find relevant customers, such as those who are highly relevant to our products or business or have great interest, or have browsed the website, etc. through custom audience, we can contact and interact with them. We mainly rely on the following three aspects

Contact list: use the information in the customer relationship management system or email contact list to find your customers and contacts on Facebook and attract them to pay attention to your business. You can even put online advertisements to re market to relevant people based on the information collected in physical stores.

Website visitors: by setting the pixel code of Facebook pixel to our online store, pixel will record the user’s action track, including browsing products, clicks, etc. we will optimize the screening and promotion of these products according to these data.

Application users: if you are a deceloper, please install the Facebook SDK to create advertising promotion more suitable for the user experience

3.Similar audiences

Focus on the core audience and user-defined audience, and put advertisements on similar or relevant groups.

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