Did you choose the right product?

There may be no need to explain how important it is to choose products.Good products can not only reduce your investment in advertising, but also reduce your transportation costs. Do you know that?

You must say I know that the weight of the product will affect the transportation cost. The greater the weight, the higher the transportation cost.But is this the only impact of products on transportation costs?The answer, of course, is no.

In addition to the weight of the product, the volume and properties of the product will also affect the transportation cost

How does the volume of the product affect the transportation cost? Whether by air or sea, airlines and shipping companies have their own calculation methods for product weight.There is usually a calculation formula, which is the length * width * height / weight coefficient of the product.The weight coefficient is generally fixed, and the common weight coefficients are 6000 and 8000.The weight calculated by this formula is called volume weight.When the volume weight of the product is greater than the actual weight, the airline or shipping company will choose the volume weight as the charged weight of the product.

For example, the volume weight of the product you choose is 1.8kg, and the actual weight of the product is 0.9kg. Then 1.8kg will be used as the billing weight, and your transportation cost will double.This is the impact of product volume on transportation cost.

Do you think the impact of products on transportation costs is just these? Then you’re mistaken.

The influence of the attributes of the product itself on the transportation cost can not be ignored.Transporters usually divide products into three attributes: ordinary products, charged products and sensitive products.The charges for ordinary products are the lowest, the charges for charged products are in the middle, and the charges for sensitive products are the highest

So how to distinguish the attributes of products?

All products with paste, liquid, powder, magnetism and power bank properties are considered sensitive products.For example, products such as beauty products are basically sensitive products.If you choose a liquid or powder product to sell, don’t doubt the price the agent sends you, because the charge of this sensitive product is really expensive.Because these products are very likely to cause damage and loss to aircraft or ships.

Charged products are easy to understand. They are products with the function of storing electricity or supporting batteries.For example, mobile phones, electronic watches, etc.

Ordinary products do not have special attributes, such as ordinary clothes or shoes.The transportation cost of this product is the cheapest.

Of course, there is another product, which is the imitation brand we often hear, that is, fake goods.I don’t recommend making this type of product. After all, there is a great risk and there is no way to develop in the long run.

So now do you know how to choose products?

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