Independent station classic brand case analysis: pupsocks

Do you have a pet? Cute dog or cat? Do you have any friends with pets around you?

According to the 2021-2022 national pet owners survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APA), 70% of American families (about 90.5 million) have pets.With such a large group of pet owners in the U.S. market, the pet economy will certainly continue to rise.

The brand case to be analyzed today is very classic. The brand is very forward-looking and aims at the pet economy. Combined with the business model of pod (print on demand), it makes a lot of money. It is PupSocks.

In fact, the product of PupSocks is very simple. It prints customers’ pet photos on socks, blankets and masks, so that people all over the world can bring their love for pets with them.

The product model of pod is not difficult, and the technical content is not high. Consumers only need a few simple steps to complete the order. At the same time, because it is a customized product, the timeliness requirements for merchants will not be too strict.

The mode is very good, but why can’t every seller who adopts pod mode succeed?

1.Web design stimulates purchase desire

PupSocks has the following advantages:

First,the product display is clear and professional.

There are only three product categories on the website. You can click which product you want to get.

Second, the ordering process is fast and convenient

The whole ordering process only needs four steps and is clearly displayed on the home page of the website.

This can avoid the situation that consumers choose to give up on the purchase interface because they can’t operate.

When actually placing an order, the various tabs of the whole interface are also very easy to understand.

Third, the product description is simple and easy to understand

The product description is very concise. The product picture itself directly shows the product without too much text description.Moreover, the customized rules and prices of the whole website are also clearly marked, which can effectively prevent consumers from giving up orders.

Fourth, cross bundling sales stimulate purchase desire

During the holiday season, PupSocks will carry out some bundled promotions and discounts to encourage people to buy multiple products.

2.The secret of Facebook advertising

First, make good use of festival marketing

The marketing goal of PupSocks is not only to let pet owners customize pet photo socks for themselves, but also to let all people around pet lovers regard the customized products of PupSocks as the preferred gift option, and even customize socks printed with their own photos.

Grasping every festival and using social media for publicity is the marketing focus of PupSocks.

Second, Facebook advertising strategy.

The advertising strategy of PupSocks is not complex. The main advertising is put on Facebook and Instagram under Meta.

In just 30 days, PupSocks generated more than $4 million in sales through Facebook and completed a ROI of more than 4.0. How does PupSocks do it?

Create 10-12 different Facebook native posts in advance, and spend about $50 per day to promote existing fans two weeks before push.Then select 3-5 posts with a high number of likes, comments and shares, set the promotion of these posts as PPE (pay per participation), and promote them for pet lovers for 7 days at US $100 per day to encourage users to like, comment and share.

After a week of promotion, we can get the post that likes, comments and shares the most. At this time, it’s just a holiday. It’s time to push the post with good data on a large scale.

The audience of this promotion should be wider than the previous two. Create different advertising groups and audiences, such as pet owners, fans of pet brands, people interested in rare things, etc. it is best to cover everyone who may have purchase demand.

From the data of Adspy, we can see that the changes in the number of FB advertising likes of PupSocks are also in line with their promotion strategy.

In addition to its own advertising, PupSocks also found an influential advertiser iHeartDogs to help with advertising.

IHeartDogs is an account with nearly 4 million likes on Facebook, and most of its fans are dog lovers. PupSocks provides iHeartDogs with better advertising ideas that they have put in, and iHeartDogs can give free play to the copywriting creativity.

It is a good way to create a win-win situation by finding other advertisers to promote, setting up distribution channels and using influential brands in a certain field to promote themselves, which is worth learning from.

At the same time, if you only rely on yourself to advertise, you will be tired of watching it for a long time, and how much money you spend will not be of much use. Therefore, allowing users to speak for the brand is a growth strategy with lower cost and long-term benefits.

Finally, from the website of PupSocks, we can also see a special user praise display area, which is an effective way to encourage users to place orders and finally realize transformation after successfully attracting users to visit the website.

Pod products belong to the reservation system, and consumers do not have high requirements for the timeliness of product distribution, but it does not mean that there are no requirements at all. With the rapid development of global e-commerce and supporting logistics, more and more consumers begin to pay attention to logistics timeliness.

Therefore, while focusing on marketing, pod brands must pay attention to product quality and brand service if they want long-term sustainable development.

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