How to select Chinese agents?

For many e-commerce sellers doing Dropshipping business, how to select a good Chinese agent is a required course.Why would I say that?

I tell you, this is experience. I don’t need to advertise to anyone. I just hope that through my experience sharing, I can help people in need to have a deeper understanding of this industry.

I have been engaged in e-commerce for 6 years and have encountered many situations, among which there are some painful lessons.In 2017, I worked with a Chinese agent in Shenzhen, China. I paid $3200 for a batch of orders.The reason why I worked with them was that their quotation was $2-3 lower than others. At that time, I thought I finally found the right person.But in the end, none of my customers received the package. In fact, they didn’t deliver the goods for me at all.

It can be imagined that we are in two countries, and I can’t contact this company at all.At this time, I warned myself not to cause greater losses for the damn $1-2.

In 2019, I think I have enough experience to select excellent Chinese suppliers.However, I lost to my greed again.When working with another company in Shenzhen, I lost another $5000 and received more complaints from customers.

I was selling a W46 smart watch. The company offered me $0.50 cheaper than others, but the expected delivery time was much faster than that quoted by other Chinese agents.I immediately chose to cooperate with him and entrusted him to handle a batch of orders.

Of course, I’ve been paying attention to the transportation track of the order this time.In fact, the time spent is not at all the time to start estimating.You think that’s all?What’s more irritating is that when my customers received the product, the photos they sent me turned out to be a bag of paper towels.You can imagine how heavy my loss is this time.

Then I chose a new Chinese agent and have been cooperating until now.

During this period of time, I also moved the idea of changing the agent, partly because of the price and partly because of the transportation time.I wonder if the transportation time will be shortened if I find another Chinese agent to cooperate at the same price?

So in 2020, I found a Chinese agent in Yiwu, China.Don’t ask me why I don’t choose the Chinese agent in Shenzhen. I just want to tell you that the place is rotten.This Chinese agent in Yiwu gives me a very professional feeling. Their website is rich in content and has all kinds of service items.

What makes me more excited is that there are several employees from Morocco and the United States in the team of this Chinese agent.We are very comfortable in communication. I feel the process is very easy.However, later, when I thought about why I wanted to find a Chinese agent, I realized that people with the same national language as us actually can’t play any role in our business.The reason why we need an excellent Chinese agent is that we need a partner who can help us deal with the supply chain work in China. We hope we can put more energy into our store operation.Imagine how familiar a Moroccan or American can be with China? Are they just gimmicks used by the company to attract these e-commerce sellers?

I have to say that it was not pleasant to cooperate with this Yiwu agent. Fortunately, I only assigned a small part of the orders to cooperate with them at that time.Now more and more Chinese agents will invite some students from other countries studying in China to enter their companies.As for the purpose, it is actually to attract others to give them some business.

Even recently, I saw a Chinese agent. They were all foreigners when they showed in the team. I think they are insulting my IQ.Imagine that the people who serve you are Americans or Europeans, but your procurement, quality inspection and packaging are all in China.Then who will communicate with the staff in China?How to solve the problem of jet lag?Are these Europeans a microphone between e-commerce sellers and Chinese agents?

Remember, a European or American can never understand China’s supply chain better than a Chinese.Unless you want to make your supply chain worse.

So how to choose excellent Chinese agents?

There are several points to keep in mind. First, don’t believe the especially cheap quotation. Second, the same logistics channel is much faster than others. don’t believe it. Third, do not trust those who cannot provide product photos and quality inspection videos. Fourth, you are served by Europeans and Americans. don’t believe it.

All these are my personal experiences. I hope my sharing can help you choose a better Chinese agent.It is worth mentioning that I have cooperated with my existing Chinese agents for a long time. I trust them very much and am very happy that I can find such an excellent Chinese agent.

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