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The biggest problem of operating independent stations is drainage, and the most common way of drainage is Google and Facebook advertising.As the media with the largest traffic in the world, Facebook is the most ideal marketing tool for e-commerce.Many people don’t understand Facebook advertising and don’t know how to start. This article explains some basic knowledge of Facebook advertising!

1.Basic knowledge

Advertising series, advertising groups and advertising are the three major components of Facebook advertising.

Advertising series is the overall structure of advertising objectives

The advertising group can set advertising conditions such as target audience, budget, launch country and time process

The advertising part is to formulate the advertising position, format, copy and link

2.Key terms

CPA(cost per acquisition):

CPA calculation example:The advertising investment is US $10000, and 1000 new registered users are harvested, CPA = 10000 / 1000 = 10$

ROAS(return on advertising spend):

ROAS calculation example:

ROI = (total revenue – total cost) / total cost * 100%

The advertising investment is 1000 dollars, the sales revenue is 2000 dollars, and the cost of goods is 500 dollars

ROI=(2000-1500)/1 500*100%=33.33%

Purchase cost: CPP

CTR: click through rate


Test audience: set up three advertising groups with different audiences. Each group of audience selects 3-5 keywords with different interest, country, age, gender and education level

Test material: Set 2-4 advertisements in an advertising group and test the effect by AB test method. In the preliminary test, it is suggested to adopt the budget of advertising group.

The budget is adjusted according to the target country, the intensity of market competition, and the difficulty of advertising, and each advertising group must set the minimum consumption; If there is profit in the advertising group, establish an audience similar to the profit advertising group, and then carry out advertising promotion.

If the CPC on the first day of advertising is bigger than $2, the CTR on the second day of advertising is less than 1.5%, and there is no order on the third day of advertising, but the CPP cost more than the profit, the advertising group should be closed.

4.Advertising material

According to Facebook’s advertising policy, the text content of advertising pictures shall not exceed 20% of the picture area; Any form of advertising can not mention Facebook or its related materials, such as Facebook’s logo and the logo of its related products, which will have the risk of account baned

Advertising materials should not be in the form of “before and after comparison”. Some sellers in order to display the efficacy of products, such as a mask that claims whitening effect, usually use the method of “contrast before and after” to highlight the product, but this method is not recognized by Facebook, and is easily judged as “misleading or false proposition”.

Advertising materials should not show the personal attributes of consumers. Many sellers’ products are targeted at specific groups of people. They usually add target consumer information or characteristics to advertising materials, such as consumers’ age, health status, economic status, etc., which are not recognized by Facebook.

It is normal for Facebook advertising to have poor data in the early stage. Generally, after 50 optimizations within 7 days, the advertising will stabilize. Don’t make major changes to your campaigns, ad groups, and ad-level stuff during this time.

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