The difference between tiktok cross-border e-commerce and traditional cross-border E-commerce

1.Different trafficsources

The traffic of traditional e-commerce is obtained through the combination of paid traffic and free traffic in the e-commerce platform, which leads to our greater competitiveness and expensive promotion costs. Often, individual e-commerce sellers do not choose the paid traffic in the station, and only rely on the free traffic in the station, so the conversion rate will be relatively low.

The traffic source of Tiktok e-commerce is mainly through Tiktok. Some people may feel very confused about what Tiktok is or why we put e-commerce and social media together. Because the commercial model of Tiktok is still not very perfect, but it has the conditions for the combination of Tiktok and e-commerce. Moreover, the traffic on Tiktok is very large and free. The most important thing is that Tiktok individualism allows us to place independent websites or e-commerce websites. In this way, we can not only obtain free traffic by displaying the products we sell on Tiktok, It also greatly increases the sales volume and liquidity of our products.

Traditional e-commerce is mainly a combination of paid traffic and free traffic. Is the promotion cost expensive in the platform, while Tiktok e-commerce mainly relies on the massive free traffic and cheaper buffeting paid traffic brought by intelligent algorithms.

2.Different audiences

Traditional e-commerce and Tiktok e-commerce face different purchase psychology of users. Firstly, buyers of traditional e-commerce have very strong shopping purpose. They know what products they want to buy. Relatively speaking, such users are very good users for traditional e-commerce, but buyers faced by Tiktok e-commerce often belong to impulsive consumption, because they don’t want to shop at all, However, seeing your video aroused their desire to buy and generated orders. Therefore, Tiktok e-commerce faces a group that traditional e-commerce can’t match.

3.Tiktok has a strong development momentum and promising development prospects

Tiktok has officially challenged global video and social networking giants such as Youtube and Facebook. For e-commerce sellers with thousands of dollars of traffic value, the strong rise of Tiktok is of great value!

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