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March will soon pass and summer will soon come. For many Shopify shopkeepers, they are now facing a new round of product choices.Many people are confused about the selection. I have published several articles about the selection before. You can go and have a look if you need it.

Today I will recommend some products which I think good.

[ cross-border explosion style ] sandals and slippers for domestic use, wholesale, male and female couples, parents and children, summer foreign trade cartoon Smiley Face Sandals and slippers

Smiling face candy slippers

You may wonder why I recommend this product?Let’s analyze it. In fact, this is a slipper designed in 2021. It has many advantages, such as rich colors, full sizes and low cost.Available in both children’s and adult sizes.Imagine a family of four wearing the same slippers, colorful colors and smiling face patterns on the slippers, playing in their own yard. Will this moment make you feel very happy?

Yes, everyone feels that way. Coupled with the practicability and beautiful appearance of slippers, as well as the cheap price. You can get a lot of orders.

Hunderucksack | Clutchy

Candy Dog Backpack

It is not a new product, but it has always had a stable market.If you want to ask me why? Then I think you certainly don’t have pets or lack pet friends around you.

I don’t think any pet owner will refuse to take a trip with his little cute.Who doesn’t want to prepare a beautiful and comfortable backpack for his little cute?

Breathable women’s shoes

From March to June every year, the sales volume of seasonal shoes and clothing is the highest.As for why I recommend these shoes? In fact, it was recommended by a Chinese agent who cooperated with me. Demand determines the market. This pair of shoes is now put into production in China, which shows that it will be a popular model in the future.

Comfortable materials with rich colors, I think no girl will refuse

Of course, the above three products are only for reference. If you want to get more selection suggestions from me, you can leave me a message and pay attention to me. I will update and reply to your questions from time to time. Of course, you can also go to some websites to find some products you like, such as Ali or E7 and CJ.

If you need links to these selection websites, you can send me a private letter and I will push it to you.

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