The setting of Shopify check out page directly affects the order conversion rate?

The setup process of Shopify checkout page is relatively simple but critical.Since this page involves customers filling in shopping information, each option we set will directly determine the customer’s shopping experience and affect the conversion rate of the website. Paying attention to it also means improving the conversion rate of orders.

1.Customer accounts

There are three options. I suggest choosing the second ,”accounts are optional”. As a visitor or a registered account, the store can check out smoothly in both cases.The first option is that you can only check out as a visitor, the third option is that you can only check out the account registered in the store, and the second option just includes the first and third, which is the best choice.

2.Customer contact

For personal suggestions, you can check “customers can only check out using email” and “receive shipping updates” at the same time. If there is “arrive app”, you can also check it

If you choose the first option, the customer can use the phone or email. The advantage is to let the customer choose independently,The disadvantage is that the customer can directly use the telephone number to place an order. For the seller, it is difficult to get the customer’s email address for remarketing. When there is a customer complaint, you can’t contact the customer directly by email, which is not conducive to later marketing and after-sales treatment.

3.Form options

Full name – both first and last names are recommended;

Company name – recommended setting of company information – optional;

Address line 2 Line 2 of address bar: set optional

Shipping address phone number:set Required

4.Order processing

While the customer is checking out-2 options are checked: Checkuse the shipping address as the billing address by default and Enable address autocompletion”

After an order has been paid,Need to choose ”Do not automatically fulfill any of the order’s line items” It means that when the store obtains a new order, all orders will be marked as unfulfilled with a yellow background before delivery.Only after you deliver the goods and fill in the waybill number in the Shopify background, the order will be marked as completed.

5.Email marketing

Only when the text prompt “keep me up to date on news and exclusive offers” appears at the bottom of the email text box, check it. You can send marketing emails to this mailbox; otherwise, it becomes mandatory and sending will be considered spam.

6.Abandoned checkouts

This setting is for customers who are added to the shopping cart but have not completed the payment. When the customer is on the checkout page and submits the email information, the payment is not successful due to various reasons (network speed problems, do not want to buy, the price is too expensive, etc.), these order data will be saved to the adjacent checkouts page.

7.Checkout language

The corresponding language should be selected according to the language habits of the delivery area

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