The success of Shopify store starts with a corporate email

A good domain name is very important in the promotion process.

Former, when a friend asked me to make a website suggestion, the email I saw in the most prominent place was his personal email – Gong * * * @ gmail COM, I felt very unprofessional at first sight.

At that time, I suggested him to change a corporate email immediately. Because choosing a good corporate email is not only reflected in the professionalism of the website, but also will avoid many unnecessary customer service troubles in the later stage. The so-called corporate email is an email that ends with the website domain name, such as, or

Why choose a corporate email?

1.The arrival rate of mailbox is high

A good domain name is very important in the promotion process. If equipped with a corporate email corresponding to the domain name, it will also be easier to obtain customer trust and improve the arrival rate of email in the marketing process.

2.High customer recognition, which is conducive to marketing

When your email is consistent with your brand and domain name, it will be more professional in the eyes of customers. Trust in brands or enterprises will also increase. In the long run, it is also conducive to building brand awareness

3.Embodiment of professionalism

Professional websites always prefer corporate email, which represents the strength and background of businesses.

4.Assets of the company

Have you ever encountered such a thing? You’ve left one place, but you’ll still receive a lot of emails about your previous work. If you choose an enterprise or brand mailbox, you will not encounter this situation and will not lead to the loss of customer resources

Where will the corporate mailbox in shift be used?

1.Registered domain name store

2.Customer service email of the website

3.Facebook fanspage

4.EDM email marketing

5.Develop celebrity marketing

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